The Charles Augustus Grosh Blacksmith Shop (1778, 302 East Main Street)



Now (1967) Linden Hall Stone Cottage, it was originally the village smithy. After Henry Oerter the blacksmith on Church Square died of camp fever in 1778, the larger shop was built for David Weinland of whom we know nothing. He was succeeded by young Charles Augustus Grosh whose father Peter Grosh lived across the street.

In 1822 Charles Grosh, then eighteen, built a new shop next to his and proceeded to turn the old shop into a dwelling. First he dug a cellar inside the old foundation and walled it in. While this made the cellar a few feet smaller than the house itself, it served its purpose well. Then the stone wall was built higher and a second floor added.

It was not until four years later that Charles married Susanna Shober who was probably chosen by lot. Undoubtedly the marriage was a success for they celebrated their Golden anniversary in 1876.

Charles Regennas lived here and had a machine shop in the rear.

Mrs. Mary A. Zahm was the next occupant and then until 1937, it was the home of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zahm to who we are indebted for the interesting story of the Stone Cottage.


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