The Geitner House (1761, 39 Main Street)


John Geitner was 52 years of age when he came to this area in 1767. He had learned the trade of tanning from his father. John’s residence was the sixth to be built in Lititz. The rear wall in 1967 had seen no change but the front had a second story and was covered in stucco.

The tanning business was carried on in a small building in back of the house, but as more people moved in and the size of the village grew, the odor became a problem. The business was moved closer to the creek. Water was diverted from the creek for use in the business and then returned to the creek. Lititz Creek was first polluted over two hundred years ago.

The Geitner family continued in the tanning business in Lititz into the late 1800’s.


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