The Johannes Mueller House (1740-1794, 127-139 Main Street)



137 Main Street
Built about 1740
Rebuilt in 1794
(Original Klein House)

139 Main Street
Built 1792 by Johannes Mueller
Restored 1964 by Lititz Historical Foundation

Many qualified authorities examined this structure and agree that the cellar beneath the log por- tion of the house is much older than that under the stone house. There is proof that a fireplace was once in the log house. Mueller built the stone house with a window facing the west. When he became the community dyer it is believed that he rebuilt the log house and raised the roof high enough to furnish sleeping quarters for his employees. The west window of the stone house then became a doorway. The fireplace was discarded and three dormers were added to the roof.

This is the home of preservation rather than restoration. The furnishings have been carefully selected and depict a way of life of the workingman in Lititz in the eighteenth century.

Johannes Mueller was a hard-working, ambitious man—always in debt but with a staunch belief that the experiment in religious socialism in Lititz would endure forever.


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