The Warden’s House (1757, 121 Main Street)


The “Wardens” House was the first private home in Lititz. It was built by Louis Cassler, a shoemaker and tanner. The land was leased from the church and it was not until 98 years later that a payment of $50 was made for this land.

It was next occupied by Rev. Abraham Reinke, (1753-1833), and became known as the “Warden’s House” The Warden of Lititz was almost equivalent to a mayor. The next occupant was John Gottlow Kummer (1790-1846). He had been the principal of Linden Hall until he became Warden of the Congregation.

Julius Beckler (1814-1875) was the next Warden. He became principal of Linden Hall and then in 1862 started a girls’ school of his own in the old Pilgerhaus next door.


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