The Werner House (1762, 66 Main Street)


The seventh home to be built on Main Street was by John William Werner (1722-1787). He was born in Mannheim, Germany. He married three times and had six sons and six daughters. His first wife was _____ Blum. His second wife was Anna Marie Schuchard, and the third wife was Anna Marie Kiesel of Kissel Hill.

A new road had been built through Lititz to handle the increasing traffic between Reading and the ferry at Marietta, and Werner most likely chose the spot for his home where he thought he could do the most business. He was a cooper, a bleeder, and a tooth drawer. He was a busy man making wooden tubs and barrels, practicing medicine and pulling teeth when they needed pulled. He was fully equipped with a pincers, a bottle of whiskey, and a basin.

The Rev. J.F. Loeffler (1771-1841) moved there about 1827. Salome Huebener (1803-1867) wife of Rev. Samuel Huebner returned to Lititz in 1849 after the death of her husband and lived here with her nine children. M.T. Huebener, (1826-1884) son of Salome and Samuel Hebener, married Mary Lichtenthaeler in 1873 and raised his family here. Their son Lewis R. and his wife Edna were the next residents and along with their daughter Mary Huebener. Mary was responsible for the painstaking research done on the history of old Lititz.

Built of logs with white clapboard siding the house appears today (2009) very much as it did then, except for dormers.


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