Top Secret

Undercover agents expose top secret plots and diabolical conspiracies in these espionage thrillers available to borrow from the Lititz Public Library.

The Counterfeit AgentThe Counterfeit Agent by Alex Berenson
Unable to prevent the assassination of a CIA station chief by Iranian hostiles who are allegedly plotting a nuclear attack, an agent goes undercover to discern the truth.

The PantherThe Panther by Nelson DeMille
An anti-terrorist task force agent and his FBI agent wife search for the mastermind behind the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen.

Suspicion by Joseph Finder
Down on his luck, a man accepts a loan from a new friend, never imagining he would become the target of a DEA investigation and left with two choices: an indictment for accepting drug money or a treacherous undercover assignment.

Top Secret by W.E.B. Griffin and William Butterworth IV
In the first weeks after WWII a soldier is recruited for a new enterprise the will eventually be transformed into the CIA and asked to extract a vital piece of information from a Soviet agent.

Shadow Catcher by James R. Hannibal
An Air Force major leads his men on a mission to find and destroy a B-2 stealth bomber that was shot down and currently rests at the bottom of the ocean.

A Delicate Truth : A NovelA Delicate Truth by John le Carre
When a disgraced spy questions the success of a counter-terrorism operation on the British Crown colony of Gibraltar, a Foreign Office Minister’s private secretary suspects a cover-up.

Target America by Scott McEwen
The Special Ops Black unit is activated in order to stop a group of Chechen terrorists from launching a pair of suitcase nuclear bombs somewhere in America.

The Prince of Risk : A NovelThe Prince of Risk by Christopher Reich
When his father, a chairman of the NY Stock Exchange, is killed in a brazen attack on the White House lawn, a rising hedge fund manager untangles a web of lies that reveals a plot against the financial system.

The Empty Quarter by David L. Robbins
U.S. Air Force para-rescue jumpers are dropped into the desert of Yemen to rescue a Saudi princess and a young American diplomat.

Bravo by Greg Rucka
A Delta Force operative is asked to apprehend the terrorist who tried to blow up a theme park and nearly killed his ex-wife and daughter.

Outlaw by Mark Sullivan
The president recruits a former CIA operative and master thief to save the Secretary of State and the foreign ministers of China and India who have been hijacked by fanatical pirates.

The Polaris ProtocolThe Polaris Protocol by Brad Taylor
An agent of a secret antiterrorist unit is pulled into the rescue effort for a kidnapped journalist who is caught between rival drug trafficking groups.

The Hydra Protocol by David Wellington
To prevent nuclear annihilation, a Special Forces operative must infiltrate a top secret Russian military base and disable an unstable supercomputer.

Capital Punishment by Robert Wilson
When a private security expert is hired by an Indian tycoon to find his missing daughter, he goes up against religious fanatics, Indian mobsters and London’s crime lords.

Originally published on October 24, 2014 in the Lititz Record Express.