Union School House Lexington Road

Former Union School House building in use as a two family Dwelling. The above photos from files of M. Xakellis

Land on which to build the Union School House was deeded to the Warwick Township School District on December 17, 1870 by Abraham Eitnier and his wife Eliza. The property contained 76½ perches and cost the School District $143.43¾ . School Board members listed in this deed are Ezra Reist, Elias Becker, Jacob S. Stetman, Simon Hostetter, Gabriel Biemesderfer, and Joseph Hess. The deed was recorded February 20, 1891 in Deed Book M, Volume 13, page 497.

The property and building, when it was no longer needed for school purposes, was offered at Public Sale on January 19, 1924 and was sold to Amos Metzler for $535. The deed transferring the property to Amos Metzler from the School District of Warwick Township is dated March 31, 1924 and was recorded November 28, 1924 in Deed Book D, Volume 27, page 251. (This deed also included the sale of the Lookout School in Pine Hill offered at the same time for which Amos Metzler paid $235) The sale information was published in The Lititz Record on January 24, 1924 and stated that Union School Property and Grounds at Lexington were sold to Amos Metzler of Pine Hill. In the February 1st issue of the same year, the County Correspondence of Brunnerville wrote that Amos Metzler was remodeling the (Union school house) near Lexington that he recently bought, and was converting it into a double dwelling. According to a long time resident of Lexington, now deceased, Metzler moved the Lookout School to Lexington and combined it with the Union School building to make the new home. Nothing was found to back this up. Perhaps it was the materials from the Lookout School that were used.

When Amos Metzler sold the converted school house in 1942 the property was listed as containing 56½ perches. In 2009 it still contained 56 ½ perches and had a street address of 225–227 East Lexington Road, but is now a one family residence.

In 2009 the modernization of the Union School House is almost but not quite finished. Photo by M. Xakellis
This is the final appearance in Spring of 2011. Photo by M. Xakellis













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