Farming and Homesteading

Whether you are already experienced in farming or homesteading, are considering giving it a try, or are content to read about the farming escapades of others, the Lititz Public Library has plenty to offer.

Growing Tomorrow : A Farm-To-Table Journey in Photos and Recipes: Behind the Scenes with 18 Extraordinary Sustainable Farmers Who Are Changing the Way We EatGrowing Tomorrow: A Farm-to-Table Journey in Photos and Recipes: Behind the Scenes with 18 Extraordinary Sustainable Farmers Who are Changing the Way We Eat by Forrest Pritchard
From the author of the popular book Gaining Ground, see the ups and downs of a diverse sampling of farms throughout America—everything from a fishery to a mushroom farm, from rural to urban locations. Also includes recipes from each farm.

Adventures in Yarn Farming: Four Seasons on a New England Fiber Farm by Barbara Parry
Learn about the ins and outs of life on a fiber farm, from the caretaking of sheep, to ideas for knitting projects, to thoughts about gardening, all accompanied by picturesque photographs.

Once Upon a Flock: Life with My Soulful Chickens by Lauren Scheuer
A children’s book illustrator decides to raise chickens in her backyard, embarking on an adventure of chicken drama and do-it-yourself projects. Colorful artwork and photographs throughout bring extra dimension to her chickens’ unique personalities in this lively memoir.

Farm City : The Education of an Urban FarmerFarm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter
Farms can spring up anywhere, even in the heart of the city. Complete with an array of unique characters, this memoir explores a woman’s journey to transform an abandoned lot into a farm.

Chickens in the Road: An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor by Suzanne McMinn
Longing to live off the land and leave her suburban life behind, a writer and her children move to a farm in West Virginia to start a new life, complete with challenges, many farm animals, and a touch of humor.

Local: The New Face of Food and Farming in America by Douglas Gayeton
Take an in-depth look at the ever-changing world of farming and how our food is produced, and explore the new lexicon that has sprung up along with it.

Backyard LifeWelcome to the Farm: How-To Wisdom from the Elliott Homestead by Shaye Elliott
This down-to-earth how-to resource is packed with pros and cons of many aspects of homesteading and has an abundance of photographs. Learn about keeping an array of animals, gain tips on gardening and harvesting, and explore the possibilities of starting apiaries and orchards.

The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald
Lighten up with this classic comical memoir about a woman who moved to a chicken farm, complete with a house lacking modern conveniences. Written in the 1940’s, this is a story about less than ideal experiences that will still entertain readers today.

Farmacology by Daphne Miller, M.D.
Examine the farm-influenced side of medicine and psychology, not only in terms of how food is grown, but also through studying animal behavior and finding parallels in our lives.

The Art of Loading Brush: New Agrarian Writings by Wendell Berry
Traverse the literary side of living off the land in this collection of philosophical essays and short stories by an award-winning writer, rooted in decades of agricultural experience but also looking to the future.

The New Organic Grower, 3rd Edition : A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener, 30th Anniversary EditionThe New Organic Grower: A Master’s Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener by Eliot Coleman
An updated edition of an old favorite agricultural resource, this book delves deeply into all things organic and explores techniques that increase crop production.

Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life by David R. Montgomery
Investigate methods that help to revive soil that has been depleted of essential organic matter.

Mini Farming: Self Sufficiency on a 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham
Learn how to grow your own food and earn some extra income, even if your space to start a farm is limited. Focuses primarily on maintaining crops and raising chickens.

Homesteading for Beginners (DVD)
Three volumes of DVDs teach different homesteading essentials, including raising chickens and milking cows, baking bread, making yogurt, canning food, and much more.

Kathryn Raynor
May 8, 2019