Kissel Hill School

Photo taken ca 1920 before road was paved. Courtesy of Robert “Sketch” Mearig collection.

This former school building is located on the northwest corner of the crossroads of Owl Hill Road and Landis Valley Road. On December 31, 1892, Ambrose Malschnee and Annie B., his wife, sold 80 perches of land (one half acre)  at this crossroads to the Warwick Township School District for $325. The location was described as being along the public road leading to Millport and a private road leading to the Lititz & Lancaster Turnpike. The deed was recorded on December 22, 1893 in Deed Book L, Volume 14, page 599.

The notice was published in the Lititz Record Express issue of September 21, 1950 that on September 23 public sale would be held to dispose of the no longer needed school property. The description was that the property contained 80 perches of land and included all articles permanently annexed to the school house including blackboards, school desks, and the stove.

Theodore and Viola Ayres bought the property for $2,000. The School Board gave their final approval for the sale on October 16, 1950. The deed was dated October 31, 1950 and recorded November 8, 1950 in Deed Book H, Volume 41, page 39.

Taken in the early to mid 1940’s. From files of Martha Xakellis. Photograph from Eva Behmer Myers.
Photo taken in 2010. Courtesy of M. Xakellis.


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