New Beach Reads for 2019

Summer is the season of kicking back and getting lost in beach reads. The Lititz Public Library has an abundance of brand new seaside and summer-themed fiction and romances to enjoy.

Queen Bee : A Novel“Queen Bee” by Dorothea Benton Frank
All beekeeper/librarian Holly desires is a little peace and quiet, but her highly energetic sister, her histrionic and demanding mother, and their involvement with the widower and his sons next door make for a summer that is anything but restful.

“Summer of ‘69” by Elin Hilderbrand
Summer seems to be a downer for Jessie when her older siblings, busy with their own agendas, are unable to join her on the traditional stay at their grandmother’s house, but it turns out to be a summer rich with personal growth and historical events.

“Deep Harbor” by Fern Michaels
Carol Ann isn’t attached to the sea, especially since her brother was killed in a boating accident. But when the politician she works for commits suicide, rendering her career no longer secure, she moves to the shore for safety—back to reminders of her emotional pain.

You, Me, and the Sea : A Novel“You, Me, and the Sea” by Meg Donohue
Merrow has been deeply attached to the sea since her childhood, a love she shares with the boy who comes to live with her family in this “Wuthering Heights” by-the-seashore tale.

“The Summer Guests” by Mary Alice Monroe
When a diverse group of evacuees wait out a hurricane together on a North Carolina farm, they experience friction that creates a new storm on a personal level.

“Surfside Sisters” by Nancy Thayer
Suffering from the sting of a book rejection and a disagreement with her boyfriend, a New York City novelist returns home to Nantucket—and to those from her past who make for an uncomfortable reunion.

“Whose Waves These Are” by Amanda Dykes
Through a poem in a newspaper, a Maine fisherman requests rocks to commemorate those lost in WWII, but misfortune hits, leaving his building project incomplete, and for many decades, forgotten.

Drawing Home“Drawing Home” by Jamie Brenner
When an artist from Sag Harbor dies and leaves his home to a teenage girl rather than the art patron who expected it, a battle for the waterfront property ensues.

“The Summer House” by Jenny Hale
When two friends open a bed and breakfast in the Outer Banks, one falls for a man with an imperfect reputation that is further tarnished when the friends unearth a diary.

“On a Summer Tide” by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Cam is uprooted from her fast-paced life, with which she thought she was content, when her father buys an island near Maine in hopes of reuniting her with her two sisters.

“The Cliff House” by RaeAnne Thayne
Three lives are turned upside down when an ex-husband returns to one woman, someone new surfaces in the life of her sister, and the two sisters’ aunt tells a life-changing secret.

Unforgettable You“Unforgettable You” by Brenda Novak
A woman returns home when her father dies, unaware that her old boyfriend is also back in town, forcing the two to come to terms with a romance that went sour twelve years ago.

“The Southern Side of Paradise” by Kristy Woodson Harvey
Life is on an upswing for Ansley and her youngest daughter, but they both have misgivings that are hard to pinpoint until two women arrive in town who know secrets that can ruin everything.

“Summer Hours” by Amy Mason Doan
All of Bec’s aspirations were shattered one summer when she was in college ten years earlier. When she travels with an old friend from that fateful time to a wedding, she longs to resurrect the good times of her past, but he lacks her zeal.

“The Summer Retreat” by Sheila Roberts
Longing for healing after a breakup, a teacher decides to escape it all by visiting her sister at the beach for the summer, and hopes to meet someone new.

Kathryn Raynor
July 10, 2019