Rothsville School 1716 Old Rothsville Road

From the “Rothsville Bicentennial 1790-1990” the location of this Rothsville School is given as 1716 Old Rothsville Road and shows a section of an 1858 Atlas Map with this school house marked on it at the eastern end of Rothsville. The school house is described as a one-room brick school house for about 50 pupils with known teachers listed as Christian Brown, B.F. McQuade, and Cora Sweigart. The school house was in operation until 1882 when it was replaced by the Lower Rothsville School. Later it was supposed to have been used for a cigar factory.

Again from the Rothsville book: All of the schools in town taught eight grades until about 1895 when Rothsville Central was added to take the upper grades.

In the 1869-1870 Directory of Lancaster County (page 465) there are listed two schools in Rothsville, Rothsville and Lower Rothsville. In 1879 Upper Rothsville and Lower Rothsville are listed.

The Lititz Record, Friday Morning, April 18, 1879 – from Little Locals Rothsville is to have a new school building and graded schools. This will be a great improvement in that locality for the education of the young.

The below photos, taken about 20 years apart, are not so different. A second floor was added to the original school house building and appears to have a door on at least three sides of the house

Rothsville_old1  Rothsville_old2










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