The Millway School

On December 31, 1892, Franklin S. Brubaker and his wife, Emma, sold 80 perches (½ acre) of land to the Warwick Township School District for $250. The deed was recorded December 22, 1893 in Deed Book M, Volume 14, page 113.

Photo taken in Spring of 2011 by M. Xakellis
The school house is of frame construction. The slate being held by the little girl in the front row has “Millway, Mar. 30’04” written on it. The teacher is Chester Hoffman. Courtesy of Lititz Historical Foundation.

This property remained in the hands of the School District of Warwick Township until 1924. At that time the School district of Warwick Township held public auction and the property was sold to John H. Reitz for $870. The newspaper article reporting the sale stated that it was sold for $887 to John Reitz of Millway. The sale was held on January 19, 1924 and the deed was recorded April 1, 1924.

The next time this property was sold it was divided into two parcels and only a 40 perch parcel of the original was sold. Tracing the deeds to one that was recorded on November 3, 2004, the address of the property was given as 262 Meadow Valley Road.





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