Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders is a charming British crime television series based on the Inspector Barnaby cozy mystery series by English playwright, screenwriter and novelist Caroline Graham. The TV series, which revolves around Barnaby’s efforts to solve numerous murders that take place in the idyllic village of Midsomer, recently celebrated its 100th episode, Killings in Copenhagen. (According to The Telegraph newspaper, the producers decided to set this episode in Copenhagen because it is the most popular foreign import on Danish television.)

Midsomer Murders : Set 25 [3 Discs]Killings in Copenhagen finds Barnaby in Denmark on a mission to investigate the death of a Midsomer cookie tycoon who was poisoned by one of his own pastries while visiting Copenhagen to seal a business deal. This DVD set joins previous episodes available at the Lititz Public Library, many of which have been borrowed more than 300 times. Beyond the Grave, borrowed 341 times, sends Barnaby looking for clues when the portrait of a wealthy village forefather is found slashed in the local museum. In Blood Will Out, borrowed 330 times, Barnaby is enlisted to keep the peace when the arrival of two feuding gypsy clans disrupts the tranquility of the village.

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March 27, 2015