Library News and Notes

National Ellis Island Family History Day

April 17, 2021

Ellis Island was the entry point for many immigrants in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, processing nearly 12 million immigrants that arrived through the Port of New York and New Jersey from 1892-1924. On National Ellis Island Family History Day, we hope you can take the opportunity to look into the Ellis Island…

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National Haiku Poetry Day

April 17, 2021

As we’ve highlighted poetry during the month of April we want to take this day, the 17th, to celebrate a particular form of poetry. Haiku is a Japanese verse form most often composed, in English versions, of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Please enjoy these books and online resources to further…

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National Gardening Day

April 14, 2021

In honor of National Gardening Day (April is National Gardening Month!), we are offering a couple of online resources as well as a collection of books to add to your “to be read” pile.   25 Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know  Gardening Know-How     Vegetable Gardening: Groundbreaking food gardens: 73 plans that will…

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April is National Poetry Month

April 1, 2021

April 2021 marks the 25th annual celebration of National Poetry Month. Learn more about the art of poetry via the American Poetry Museum and these titles available at the Lititz Public Library.                        Blooming beneath the sun / poems by Christina Rossetti ; art by…

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The Mixed-Up Truck

March 26, 2021

We are excited to announce a new StoryWalk® at the Lititz Public Library! Thank you to Warwick Township for approving and installing permanent StoryWalk® fixtures. The StoryWalk® begins Kissel Hill Rd and Sixth Street and moves to the right along the sidewalk around the library property. A StoryWalk® combines two healthy activities, taking a walk…

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Asian-American/Pacific Islander Voices

March 22, 2021

The recent tragic shootings in the Atlanta area involving women of Asian descent are a reminder of the ongoing opportunity to build self-awareness as well as to advance racial equality and inclusion in our country.  Lititz Public Library offers this list of books, audiobooks, and movies available to our patrons that elevate Asian, Asian-American and…

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Access to the building – March 15th

March 8, 2021

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce that the Lititz Public Library will be opening our doors to patrons to come into the library and browse the collection beginning Monday, March 15th. There will be capacity limits, so we encourage spending only as much time as necessary in the building. Despite the…

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Movies to Enjoy

February 17, 2021

In honor of Black History Month, we have put together a number of movies to enjoy that explore the trials and tribulations, joys and jubilations of the African-American experience. While these are just a sampling of that experience, we hope this list prompts you to seek out more stories that detail American lives in all…

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Lititz ChromeKits Now Available!

February 16, 2021

Check Out A ChromeKit HP Chromebook + T-Mobile  WiFi Hotspot You can now checkout and take home a ChromeKit from Lititz Public Library! Each ChromeKit contains a Chromebook laptop and a WiFi hotspot (also included are carrying cases and charging cords). You can use it to surf the web, read your email, or write and…

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President’s Day

February 15, 2021

What would tweets and social media posts from our past Presidents look like? We can only speculate as to how our former leaders might have taken to the format, but we can read their correspondence on the events and happenings of their days. Did you know you could find and read George Washington’s papers online? …

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